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Only Jesus Miracle Crusade 2023


   Lagos, Nigeria      

Rabbonis Love School

Born in the midst of War

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Since the beginning of the war, the team of the Church of God in Odessa has been buying and delivering food and medicine every day.  On March 10, applications began to arrive from small villages in the Odessa region.  They had no groceries in their stores.  On March 12 we sent some help for several families in the city of Kiliya - 220 km from Odessa.

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A few days later, one of our churches in the city of Ovidiopol which is in 50 km from Odessa received refugees from the city of Nikolaev. 12 families who were evacuated from shelling.  And our team began to take care of these people.

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We have a room where we began to form a warehouse with essential goods, because if the fighting intensifies, stores could run out of food and then our city of Odessa may be left without provision, as it happened with Kiev, Kharkov and Mariupol. That's why we stock up.


…… 我給你安息馬太福音11:28

當世界忍受著全球大流行的困境時,Rabbonis Love繼續到達地球最遠的角落。除了身體康復之外,這個小時內最需要的還有食物供應。在這一大流行期間,食品供應鏈被打破,許多供應鏈已經挨餓。再加上對COVID-19的焦慮越來越嚴重,赤貧和犯罪增加使它在整個地球上的許多地方幾乎變得難以生存……令人驚訝的是,在大流行開始之前,我們要么去過世外桃源,要么就在周圍許多熱點建立了關係世界。受到大流行打擊最嚴重的地方...已經遭受巨大苦難的地方...這些是主派遣我們到世界各地的一些地方,以釋放他的同情之心〜

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到了那天,耶西的根將成為各國人民的信號。 列國要向他尋求和尋求知識,他的住所必榮耀 [他的 榮耀 歸於安息!以賽亞書11:10

RABBONIS的愛被奉為向全國發布“ 他的安息” ... 不是 普通的 安息,而是他的生命和自然的榮耀充實的 物質...被愛運入地球...


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